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Bayside Destinies (The Hunters Book #9) by Stacy Claflin

I picked up this book during a free giveaway and was pleasantly surprised by it. I do love a good sweet romance without it being overly cheesy, and this book hit the mark.

Audrey shows up to Logan’s front porch to remind him of a wedding pact from 15 years ago just after having the courage to run from an abusive and manipulative ex. Brave woman. I often have a hard time relating to characters like this because I never experienced a horrible relationship, for which I’m very thankful, and it breaks my heart to know other women are subjected to such awful treatment. The author did a great job of bringing the character’s background into play so you could sympathize without it being too much.

Logan is a high powered attorney and doesn’t want to take a two-month vacation from his job. Good thing he does, otherwise, he never would have had the time to fall in love, realizing that being married to his job is not all there is to life. For a few chapters in the middle I thought Logan was too gentlemanly, but then I realized guys like that do exist! I’m married to one myself.

I don’t have a favorite quote from this book, but I loved the underlying message. You are worth something. Believe and fight for yourself.

There are a total of ten books in this series and I plan to read all of them.

If your interested in reading this book, you can find it on Amazon at a cost of $3.99 for an e-book.

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