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The One about the Support

I challenge any writer that says they do their work entirely by themselves. I call foul on that big-time because I have a network of support that I rely on to complete my writing projects. Sure, I come up with the ideas and actually write the stories down, but I also would not get far without my beta readers or editor.

I can't begin to imagine how horrible my stories would turn out if I didn't have people telling me to change certain things. There have been plenty of times when I think something makes sense within the story, and the idea doesn't make sense to anyone else. Outside opinions are essential to improvement. Let me say that again. Outside opinions are essential to improvement. Criticism and growing the thick skin to handle it can be painful, but it is vital.

A while ago, I had a friend point out to me the resiliency of children while learning. She said that when a child is learning something, walking is probably the clearest example, they keep at it until they make it happen. How many times do they fall? A lot. How many times do they get back up and try again? Every time until they get it. Did someone teach them resiliency? No.

Here's another question for you, do we fault the child for falling or needing our help while learning? Absolutely not. We do not expect them to get it on the first try and to need our help. So why do we place unreasonable expectations on ourselves to learn and grow on our own? Why, as adults, have we lost the mentality of resiliency? A mental state natural to a child must be learned, often the hard way, as an adult. There is a lot that we can and should learn from the innocence of children.

If it was not for the help of people around me, I know I would not have continued being a writer. I've succeeded not only because of my beta readers or my editor but also because of my husband. He's been my biggest cheerleader and the one that reminds me that falling on our butts is a natural part of life. It doesn't mean I've failed; it means I haven't found the path that works for me. Does that sound familiar?

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