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The One Where I Discuss Other Genres

I firmly plant myself in the realm of fantasy as an author. I love fantasy. I have ever since reading the Wild Magic Series by Tamora Pierce as a teenager. However, I have considered trying my hand at other types of genres. The two that intrigue me the most are Science Fiction and Cozy Mysteries.

I'm a reader. I read at least 100 books a year across various genres. The most common type of genre I read is definitely fantasy, but I do enjoy paranormal, contemporary fiction, clean romance, science fiction, murder-mystery, and cozy mystery. Every once in a while I'll read a non-fiction book, but those either have to catch my interest or it's for research for my writing. I'm sure there are other genres and sub-genres I'm not mentioning, but this post isn't about what I read.

The reason I'm interested in writing a Science Fiction novel is that I have a soft spot for advancement in technology (Star Wars anyone?). How cool will it be when the human race can take to the stars and explore our solar system and universe? What would it be like to bounce between the asteroids in the rings of Saturn? Enter a spaceport in the core of Jupiter? Or shoot a laser pistol? I don't plan on writing something like Frank Herbert or Isaac Asimov, but I'll definitely tackle imagining what life would be like when we discover light-travel. I'm pretty sure Elon Musk is already a quarter of the way to making that possible.

The other genre I'd consider is a Cozy Mystery. I love a good Murder Mystery, the suspense is the best part, but I prefer the witty charm of a Cozy Mystery. I think my first exposure to this type of story was Nancy Drew. I'm sure many who read this will tell me those were just Mysteries, but the stories are not gruesome which is a qualifier for an excellent Cozy Mystery. How can one not love the bumbling antics of a well-meaning and utterly clueless 'detective'.?

If you're a writer (or wish you were), what genre would you write? What genre would you tackle outside your normal comfort zone?

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