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Here's an Idea: Stop Discounting Audiobooks

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I’ll admit that I do not hear the phrase “Audiobooks do not count as reading” as often anymore. Maybe the diehard readers, who also don’t like e-books, still make the argument. There has been a massive shift culturally in how we consume media because many do not have the time to dedicate to sitting down to read a book. I admit I don’t have time to enjoy a print book and escape into fictional worlds. Often, the only window available to me for reading is at night before bed, when I can tell my husband to shut it so I can enjoy some time in another world. So, what about all the other hours in the day? Alas, I have a life and demands that require me to be a responsible adult.

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I love reading. Even more than movies and television shows.

The only way that I get to enjoy these other worlds is by listening to audiobooks. I find most of my audiobooks through the library using the Libby App (shout out to the best app ever!); I often listen when I am doing other mundane tasks that don’t require a lot of brainpower. Some examples are: crocheting, cleaning, and walking my dog; though the last one not as much. I usually have to remain aware of how she is behaving on leash to correct any spaz moments.

Even though I am doing other tasks, I still get value out of the audio. Sometimes, I don’t listen to a fiction book and I’ll listen to something from The Great Courses. It’s a fantastic way to take a “college course” with no need to drive anywhere! With all that said...

5 Reasons to Listen to Audiobooks

Audiobooks Can Help You Sleep

Have you ever found yourself tossing and turning because your brain won’t shut off? I have. Sometimes for hours. The way audiobooks help you go to sleep is twofold. One, it allows your eyes to be closed so they can rest. Two, it can force your brain to focus on something specific instead of an endless number of things. This allows for your brain to “shutdown” so to speak so you can get on your way to dreamland.

Girl sleeping with headphones
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Audiobooks Have the Same Benefits of Reading

There is nothing to disprove that audiobooks do not benefit a listener. Audiobooks still allow for vocabulary expansion, immersion in plot, and discovering new authors. I would also add that it opens a door to find your favorite voice actors as well.

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Audiobooks Can Help Build Fluency

If you are a forever learner of a language(s), like me, audiobooks in that language can help improve your fluency. I’ve been on a path to learn German for years and audiobooks have helped me along the way. It was especially exciting to me that while listening to one of my favorite books in German; I could pick out certain plot points. Granted, there was familiarity, but knowing my brain translated the German into my native English understanding was pretty cool.

Obrigado Portuguese for Thank You
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Audiobooks May Help Improve Focus and Listening Skills

There are countless articles on how people today have short attention spans. Just search for it and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Audiobooks can help with this because in order to understand plot points or teachings, you have to actively listen to what’s being said. You can train yourself to listen for longer and longer periods. I’d like to add that listening skills are a lost art. I’m not perfect by any means, but I attempt to listen more than I talk. We have two ears and one mouth for a reason, yeah? Let’s listen more than we speak.

woman listening to speaker
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Audiobooks Allow You to Multitask

Finally, as I mentioned above, audiobooks allow the listener to multitask. If being productive is hard because it’s too simple, try listening to an audiobook! If you need that “distraction” to complete mundane tasks, then so be it. Who knows, it may even help with time management.

Man headphones juggling walking
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Tell me, do you think audiobooks should count as reading or no?

Have you listened to any audiobooks lately?

Until next time, Fictionados!



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