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Looking for magic, fantasy, and adventure?

You Found It.

A headstrong princess forced to marry a mysterious prince. The situation looks bleak, but a deposed magician’s vengeful plans might just be the catalyst that gives them a chance at love.


In Lorea, Kiira’s life is perfect. She adores her family and loves her responsibility as a military commander. Convinced that an arranged marriage will steal everything she treasures, Kiira chokes any possibility of a relationship with her stoic, matter-of-fact betrothed.


Years of traveling have taught Terren, the crown prince of Klynotia, the value of being slow to speak and quick to listen. His favorite company to keep is that of his best friend—a Shade Bear who is fiercely protective of him as her soul partner. After meeting the willful princess, Terren's convinced she will do nothing but interfere with his carefully-laid plans.


Zerrec, a once highly respected adviser in the kingdom of Lorea, pines away in the mountainous Aria Bells, waiting for the day he can make the Lorean princess his bride. When Kiira and Terren’s impending marriage puts his dream in danger, the wayward magician vows to eliminate anything that would keep him from the object of his desire.


Set in the Broken Realms, Heart is an adult fantasy adventure clean romance novel with relatable characters, magic, intrigue, and a little bit of mystery. Want more? Let this love story sweep you away by picking up your copy as an Ebook or Paperback.

To save himself from a horrible fate, Irigiim chooses a path he never thought he would, but will his bond to the wild-natured Rayle be worth the choice?

Sun Glimmer is not so much a haven as perdition for Castell and the itch to fight keeps him restless, but he has choices to make. Now he needs to decide on the right one.

Irigiim is part of a dwindling species, noble Beasts that roam the raw lands of the Shade Realm. His majestic form, however, is no salvation against the aberrant magicians in the Sun Realm who are using his kind to control others. To keep his kind alive, Irigiim bonds with a young Isokanii royal to prevent suffering the same fate as his sire. Rayle keeps him safe from the Sun Dwellers, but their tumultuous relationship does little to provide the peace and stability he craves. Rayle’s rambunctious and adventurous spirit is so much like that of a pup, he is hesitant to fully trust his new human partner. All he desires is to avoid a caustic death, but the anxiety created by monitoring his bond partner might be more than he bargained for.

Castell has pacifist parents to thank for his peaceful and worry-free life. It is also thanks to them he is eager to leave. Every day spent mining Sun Crystals is another day he wishes to be elsewhere. Gifted with weather magic, he knows he could be more helpful at the front lines of the war, rather than living a banal life chiseling rock and stone. The problem? Leaving would break his parent’s hearts, but he knows he can no longer remain a neutral party to the war. Armed with his conviction, Castell leaves the only home he’s ever known to face a turmoil he’s never known.

Will Irigiim find the peace he craves or be forced to live in disquiet?

Will Castell finally do something worthwhile with his magic?

Break into the Broken Realms with this prequel novella! Discover magic, adventure, and the power of choice.

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