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I'm about to address something cliché.


For a creative, it’s a word that's certainly overused. What inspired you to draw that? What inspired you to draw that? What inspired you to put those ingredients together?

I don’t think there is anything inherently wrong with inspiration. Obviously creative people get their ideas from somewhere, but I think it’s been watered down and monetized to where it has less meaning. I mean, there are Inspirational Speakers for goodness’ sake!

I won’t come to any revolutionary conclusion in talking about this, but inspiration is the lifeblood of creativity and it needs to be fueled to be effective. Let’s start with the definition of inspiration.

in·​spi·​ra·​tion ˌin(t)-spə-ˈrā-shən 

  • 1: an inspiring agent or influence

  • 2

  • a: the quality or state of being inspired

  • b: something that is inspired

  • a scheme that was pure inspiration

  • 3: the act of drawing in

  • specifically: the drawing of air into the lungs

  • 4

  • a: a divine influence or action on a person believed to qualify him or her to receive and communicate sacred revelation

  • b: the action or power of moving the intellect or emotions

  • c: the act of influencing or suggesting opinions

As you’ve read, there are multiple definitions for the word inspiration, and I would venture to guess that in the world of creativity, most concentrate on it being the action or power to move intellect or emotions. At least, that’s what I think of when I hear the word inspiration.

To be another member of the bandwagon, I’ll readily admit that nature inspires me. Did you know that in most Fae lore that The Fae need to take the time to be in nature to “recharge”? If that’s true, then I must be part fae, because I spend as much time outside as possible.

girl enjoying a sunny day
T.J. Enjoys the Sunshine

The summers here in Alaska are second to none, and I spend the majority of my time outdoors. If the weather is not raging, then you better believe I am scheming a way to be outside. I’ll take an old blanket, my water, sunglasses, and a hat to sit outside for some writing or reading. My dog Gadget also loves to be outside, so I’ll tie her to me or stake her to the ground so we can enjoy the day together. I think just the act of being in the sun changes my entire outlook on things. It has a way of making me feel light and carefree.

A foggy country road
A Foggy Country Road

You may ask, “What if there is not any sun, T.J.?”

That’s okay. I love a good foggy morning when the world is wrapped in a blanket of wispy white, the cool air kissing your skin as it leaves it just fractionally chilled. These are the mornings that require a hot beverage and a cozy blanket to curl in while the sun rises. I like to question what mysteries stretch beyond the chalky veil, even if I already know what’s there. A sense of intrigue and mystery overtakes my imagination, and it runs amok with the questions of, “what if?”

A picture of a pale sunrise over the snow
Sunrise Over the Snow

Even though I often gripe about the cold, I do actually love the snow. Winter sunrises are beautiful, and it’s amazing to me how a snowfall can dampen sounds to near silence. A fresh snowfall feels like a reset to everything each time it happens. And have you ever been at the peak of a mountain? The crisp, thin air feels as inviting as it does strange. When you are above a tree line, your view of the world changes without a single obstruction in your way.

So, it’s safe to say that I love nature and landscapes. If you pick up a copy of my book, you’ll see how in my writing. One of the first places my MFC goes is to the beach. As a nature mage, she prefers to be outside as much as possible, only going inside because she has responsibilities as the princess.

Kiira nodded thoughtfully before giving him an easy smile. Gesturing before her, she replied. “I love the sea. The fierce unrelenting waters eroding the earth are the same waters to bring healing and life to that which is sick.” She sighed happily. “There is a magic in the sea, not like magic from the gods found in people, but... more. Something happens near the sea; time is irrelevant. Moods flow with the plan of the tides.”

One scene in my book has my characters at the top of a mountain watching the stars before they share their first kiss. This scene was inspired by my times camping in the mountains. It really feels like you can reach out and touch them.

Terren rested his chin on top of Kiira’s honey curls and small strands danced in and out of his vision as they soaked in the last rays of a muted winter sun. Hundreds of mountain peaks stood as dignified guardians between them and the hidden Seas of Reana. Shadows jutted in and out at odd angles all along tall sharp spires, lengthening as the sun disappeared behind the peaks.
Darkness pushed ever faster at the clinging rays; pink, red, yellow, and orange gave way to purple, blue, and black. One by one, stars sparked into existence, re-lighting the dimming sky. Soon the heavens would be alight with millions of the distant blinking lights, and here, standing on the edge of the world, it was almost as if he could easily stretch to pluck each one from the sky.

So, while I didn’t take the time to dissect the nuances of the definition of inspiration, I definitely gave you plenty of examples of what inspires me. Your inspiration may not be nature, but I know there is something. Inspiration is the fuel that ignites the new and flames the fans of the old. Everyone has the ability to be creative and make something interesting. So, find what does inspire you. Find your destination and make your mark.

If you’d like to read my books and see what inspires me, you can buy them by clicking here.

Until next time, Fictionados!



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